Finding someone else is better! Sanchez reveals why Real Madrid shouldn't pull Ken, Levan to join the army

06 May

Hugo Sanchez, the former top striker Mexicans identified Real Madrid should not draw Harry Kane and Robert Levante Rudolf Kowalski joined the army with the episode "White King" needs. Executioner spearhead in a penalty area Hugo Sanchez, the legendary striker of Real Madrid club giants of the stage, the Spanish La Liga, said the "White King" should not grab Harry Kane and Robert Levante Rudolf Kowalski came. Join the army Madrid has been spearheading with many pioneers in the past, after striker Luka Yovic, who had just joined the team last summer, was disappointing, and Karim Benzema is 32 years old. Looks like it may not be able to play continuously at a high level in the future.Sanchez said "Madrid wants to kill in the penalty area. Like i used to be Or like Cristiano had done that perfectly in Bernabeu for many years You have to find a player like that again. "When asked about Benzema's case, Sanchez responded, "How can I dislike him? He is an excellent striker. But he is not a hangman He is not an executioner in the real penalty area. He is more like a low striker than Bootagaino was. Emilio and I used to understand each other perfectly, which Karim should be able to play with a hangman striker standing in front of him. I've always liked Harry Caine, but his development halted after the injury several times the Levante Rudolf Kowalski has a very old problem. Finding a player like that is not an easy matter. 

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